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Text exclusives

Multiple times a week Zach Sends an encouraging and message directly to your phone. This is a 1-1 text with Zach. NOT a group text! Zach takes time to connect weekly via text.
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Men's retreats

Zach leads 3 transformative mens trips per year. Focused on unplugging from work and daily life. Creating a space for men to connect, grow their relationship with the Lord and Do Hard Things!

Less than 10 spots remain for 2024 retreat
Text 'Retreat' to apply for the next available retreat.
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Zach’s Life Group 

Join Zach and his inner circle cohort. This 10 week challenge will level up all areas of your life. Center yourself around the power of action and self discovery to optimize and upgrade your life with other like-minded men.
Text 'Life group' to join the next available group on Sept 25th

DoHardThings Challenge

A transformative 10 week program dedicated to conquering daily actions and centered around doing hard things. Learn the power of action and visualization. Develop strong emotional control while learning how to set and compound goals.
Text 'DHT challenge' to access the program
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Speaking events

Zach energizes events with innovative knowledge and tactics around mindset, stress management and problem solving. Bringing unmatched energy and relatability to his audiences.
Text 'Speaking event' to see Zach's next availability.
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One on one coaching

Zach has helped dozens of online business professionals scale their brands and leave their 9-5 corporate jobs.

If you're a busy business professional who's struggling to juggle all things business, family and life? 

Zach has been coined as the #1 life coach on Twitter!
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