Sharing his abundant wisdom in mindset, personal development, and reaching physical potential, Zach inspires and influences people of all walks of life.
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Who is Zach Homol?

zach in the coal mines

The average American travels five miles to visit a gym. Zach Homol had a different kind of commute for his brutal workouts—1,000 feet back to the surface of the West Virginia mountainside. A young coal miner working 10-12 hours per day, 6-7 days a week, Zach’s passion and drive for strength training compelled him to pick up a barbell rather than a TV remote after clocking out.

In 2016, Zach took a big risk by relocating to Indianapolis to launch Iron Valley Barbell, the most specialized gym in the metro area. Down to his last $732, Zach's first month of business ownership was truly do-or-die. Zach goes on to set world Records in the sport of powerlifting and becomes the 2018 KY strongest man and 2020 NY strongest man.

zach at his iron valley barbell gym
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Zach's gym and coaching business expanded rapidly to include clients from over two dozen countries. As Zach shared his journey during this period of ascent, his email and social media inboxes quickly filled with questions from business leaders and entrepreneurs looking for help on their own growth journey.

In 2020, Zach turned much of his focus to helping leaders overcome mental, spiritual, and psychological obstacles that wreak havoc on profit margins and personal lives alike. Today, Zach leads sold out retreats throughout the U.S.

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Zach teaches lessons you’ll never learn in school. It does not matter how many books you read, your knowledge and approach to life is incomplete without a daily dose of Zach Homol.

Alex Feinberg, Former Pro Athlete & Entrepreneur
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