life group.

A 12 week community-based program centered around power of action and self discovery with the primary goal of optimizing and upgrading your life.
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zach leading a prayer
Mind like a monk.
✔ Learn to establish and live by values
✔ Sharpen your leadership skills
✔ Leverage the power of your mind
✔ Gather and practice tactics for a bulletproof mental toughness
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Build your best body.
✔ 12 weeks of strength and conditioning
✔ Master compound movement technique
✔ Strengthen confidence through physical fitness
✔ Daily strongman yoga stretches
✔ Prehab so you don't have to rehab
zach flexing at his gym
Your renewed spirit.
✔ Discover the ancient wisdom of grounding, cold therapy, breath work, nature, & mindfulness
✔ Practice breathing techniques that minimize stress and anxiety
✔ You'll master these tools to carry you through life.
zach doing breath work
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Every time I get new company swag, I send some out to Zach Homol.

After 1-on-1 coaching, I decided to do one of his life groups at least every year.

Been a major impact in my life with his values based goal setting for me and my biz. Not to mention the network of strong men.

Brandon, @theEnkidude
Life Group is a 12 week training cohort that changes everything in your life, for life.
When you can get your mind, body, and spirit aligned, the rest of your life seems to click right into place.
As we journey through the training, you'll walk alongside other men who are working just as hard as you to transform life from the inside out.
That way you'll continue the necessary actions to stay in your top form.
Text 'Life group' to join the next available group.
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I've been in 5 groups to this point, each one has a unique dynamic that ALWAYS brings out the best in each man present.

You have to put in the work.

The rewards will be reaped for a lifetime.

Without these groups, I would more than likely be divorced, rarely see my kids, and possibly 6ft under.

Men need community, it's what we lost over the years, sheltered in our homes, isolated from council, growth, opportunity, prosperity.

Dan Barnette